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Eden Orfanos Shoro
Art Psychotherapist MA, MBCT - BAAT, EFAT 
Trauma Informed Expressive Arts Therapist 
Trauma Sensitive Yoga Instructor, RYT200  
Clinical Supervisor, ACS - HCPC

'I created ‘Art and Om’ which was born out of my own lived experience of self-care and self-analysis as well as working with a diversity of clients in varied circumstances. Art and Om merges the methodologies of Art Therapy, Expressive Arts and Yoga for a holistic, interdisciplinary experience. We also appreciate adventure and the beauty of nature, so we integrate Eco Therapy and walking meditations when possible. I hope you will join us for a fun and fluid workshop or a nurturing healing retreat in a stunning part of the world'. 

- Namaste * Eden  


Eden holds a masters degree in Art Psychotherapy and certifications in Trauma Informed Expressive Arts, Photo-Therapy, Equine Lead Psychotherapy, Nutritional Science, Vinyasa Flow Yoga RYT200 and Trauma Sensitive Yoga. She offers holistic and innovative arts based approaches grounded in Yogic practice to inspire creativity and empowerment. Eden came to the field of expressive arts therapy by way of her international Humanitarian work. She believes art can be a tool for social change, recovery, discovery and healing.

As an artist Eden has exhibited her paintings and transformative photography in galleries in the USA, UK and Africa. Her experience in the entertainment and fashion industry contributes to her dynamic skill-set. She has worked as an art director, special effects makeup artist, stylist and producer, and she has performed on stage.

Eden has practiced various forms of Yoga for over 3 decades. She received her Vinyasa Flow teacher training from the White Lotus Foundation in 2008. She is grateful to maintain her practice and Yoga journey. Eden is passionate about the wellbeing of people who have been traumatized, stigmatized or socially disadvantaged and is committed to advocating and facilitating through the healing powers of Yogic practice and Art Therapies.

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